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What is Good To Great Investment?

For those who are new to “Good To Great”, it is a concept introduced by Jim Collins in his book “Good To Great”.

Why some companies make the leap … and others don’t

Jim Collins – Good To Great

For those who read it already, yes, I am talking about this red book:


The intended audience for this book are business entrepreneurs, executives, managers and any individual in a company to build great companies. By great I don’t mean just good enough, I mean truly great companies.

I am creating this community to socialise, find and share companies who are good right now but has the potential to be great! A little disclaimer: I am not an investment guru. I am here to share my ideas and hear you out as well.

As I write more I’ll share what are the characteristics I look for in a Good company that has a good chance of becoming a Great company.

Stay tuned!

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